Average Salary With a Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal arts degree programs cover a wide variety of topics, from literature to history to philosophy. Most colleges offer liberals arts educations, as opposed to vocational or technical training, which focuses less on thought/intellect and more on specific skills. The average salary you can expect with a degree from a liberal arts schools varies greatly depending on a number of factors.

Liberal Arts Average Salaries

First an foremost, let’s take a look at what you can expect to make if you earn a Bachelor of Arts, or BA, which is what most liberal arts students receive. As a graduate, you can expect to earn between $31,000 and $35,000 annually, based on a study by the National Association of College and Employers. From there, things get a bit more diluted when talking about salary ranges. With ten years under your belt, you could still be earning a low-30s salary, or you could be earning a six-figure salary. It all depends on your major and the position you ultimately took after college.

Salary by Type of Liberal Arts Degree

While bachelor’s degrees are more common, at a liberal arts school, you can earn anything from an associate’s degree, which takes two years to complete, to a doctorate degree, which can take over a decade to complete. Of course, your salary will reflect your level of education. On average, associate’s degree holders earn about $10,000 less than bachelor’s degree holders, while those who have a master’s degree earn about $10,o00 more annually. If you earn a PhD, you can easily double the salary you’d make in the same field with just a bachelor’s degree.

Earning More Money with a Liberal Arts Degree

The highest paid professions tend to be rooted in math or science fields, especially for undergraduates. If you earn a BA, you can make more money by choosing a major where high-earning positions are found. Consider fields such as business, government, law, and education. You can also earn more money by achieving certifications through professional certificate programs, earning a license if one is available for your field, participating in internships to boost your resume, and simply working in the same field over time.

The Best Online Liberal Arts Colleges

Purdue University – Purdue University offers an online BS in Liberal Studies. This program is designed for students who want to complete an individualized course of study. Courses include: Ethics, Statistics, Psychology, American Women, Principles of Nutrition, and Communication and Conflict. Students also take courses in Math, Social and Physical Science.
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Colorado State University – Colorado State University offers an online BS in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies. This program offers students the opportunity of engaging in courses across more than 24 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Students, with a wide range of interests, will make connections across these fields, applying knowledge to real-world problems.
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