33 Historians Worth Following on Twitter

July 13, 2011 History

33 Historians Worth Following on Twitter Historians can tell you that their degrees are one of the best liberal arts degrees around — historians learn how to conduct research, they learn how to write and how to cite information. These skills could lead them to a variety of jobs from teaching and archaeology to event planning and politics. But, few people […]

Sewn Together by a Thread: Top 48 Tapestry Blogs

April 13, 2011 Uncategorized

What did people do before digital cameras or even photography? Back in the 1400’s, they used to make tapestries, a form of art using textiles woven on a wooden device called a loom. Derived from French, tapestry means “to cover with heavy fabric.” The subjects of tapestries included everything from religious works to landscapes. However, […]

Let’s Get This Party Started: Top 40 Entertaining and Party Blogs

April 4, 2011 Uncategorized

You may love spending time with family and friends, but you know that when it comes to entertaining at home, it takes serious prep work and planning. While not all at-home shindigs have to be ornate events, there are many components to being a fabulous host that must be taught in order to have a […]