Let’s Get This Party Started: Top 40 Entertaining and Party Blogs

April 4, 2011 Uncategorized

You may love spending time with family and friends, but you know that when it comes to entertaining at home, it takes serious prep work and planning. While not all at-home shindigs have to be ornate events, there are many components to being a fabulous host that must be taught in order to have a party or dinner that runs smoothly. Remember the perfect party allows the host to have just as much fun as the guests, even when cooking and serving!

General Entertaining Blogs

Start your journey to beginning an outstanding host with the help of these entertaining blogs. They’re helpful and offer sound advice for throwing a party that everyone will chatter about.

    1. Coco + KelleyThis fabulous blog shows you how to throw a party in style. From cocktail recipes to how to glam up a space, this is the ultimate entertaining blog.

    2. Tobi Fairley We’re nuts about this entertaining and decor blog that has clever tips, including an array of seasonal cocktails perfect for creating a drink menu for any party.

    3. Hostess Blog Whether you’re a seasoned pro or newbie to planning a party at home, this blog offers smart advice for planning a menu and keeping guests comfortable.

    4. The Housewife With years of being a stay-at-home-mom under her belt, this blogger knows a thing or two about entertaining at home. Check this blog regularly for party planning tips.

    5. Twentysomething Test Dummies This blog is about 20-somethings finding their way and learning the ropes of cooking and entertaining. The blog tone is casual and perfect for those who want to pick up entertaining tips that will help their guests feel right at home (while enjoying some delicious treats!).

    6. Centsational Girl While this blog isn’t purely about entertaining, the blogger is chock full of info for quick, affordable decorating tips, which is something every host can use.

    7. Colorblind Productions This blog no longer updates, but it was once penned by professional party planners. This means there are loads of unique and glitzy ideas for kid’s birthday parties and wedding showers.

    8. Essentially EntertainingWe love this blog because it breaks down the essentials for every host and even offers universal playlists that will add that extra zest to your next get-together.

    9. The Haystack Needle This blog gives easy, approachable decor advice for making your party pop. Remember the vibe is everything when entertaining, so take that extra 20 minutes to give your party ambiance.

    10. Easy Entertaining at Home This blog has plenty of archived posts to help you decorate on a budget for your next party. The ideas are simple to pull off, even if you’re a host newbie.

    11. Second City Soiree A theme party is fun, whether you request guests dress up or simply decorate accordingly. This blog has loads of theme party ideas for the festive side of you.

    12. Savvy Entertaining It doesn’t get better than this. This blog offers tips that almost anyone can pull off. Make your party memorable by putting effort into your tabletop decor and homemade dessert.

    13. Reluctant Entertainer This blog is all about making entertaining easy on the host and pleasurable for guests. Learn the basics of major entertaining things like what it means to brine a turkey and pick tips on how to take the easy way out when planning a party.

    14. At Home with Kim ValleeThis amazing blog has tips on adding that perfect, personal touch to your next at-home shindig. You’ll love the DIY ideas for utilizing everyday items to create a centerpiece.

    15. The Consumate Hostess While this blog has plenty of entertaining advice, it’s the list of delicious cocktails that has us visiting every time we throw a party. Who doesn’t love trying a new drink when having a fabulous time?


Cooking Blogs for Entertaining and Party Planning

Cooking up your own goods in the kitchen is what turns a good host into a great host. The personal touch of cooking the food you serve in your own kitchen is the mark of a host who knows what they’re doing and is ready to entertain any crowd. If you aren’t so confident in your skills, check out these blogs for tips.

    16. Lick My Spoon While this San Francisco-based blog has restaurant reviews, it’s also full of easy recipes to cook when entertaining.

    17. Thoughtfully Simple We love this blog because there’s plenty of theme party ideas, along with the food and drink to go with them. There’s also a nice selection of incredibly easy recipes, even the new entertaining host can pull off.

    18. Cook This and That If you’re looking for non-fussy food, this is your blog. There’s a recipe for almost any caliber of party and most are universally loved by all taste buds.

    19. Dinner and Dessert If you don’t have a ton of experience in the kitchen, check out this blog before hosting your next party. The blogger writes cooking directions in a way that’s easy for a novice to understand and has recipes for approachable meals everyone will enjoy.

    20. Recipe Girl This blog is a winner because the writer bothers to give us low-fat and healthy recipes that will satisfy your guests without adding to their waistlines.

    21. Smitten Kitchen The food photography on this blog is so enticing, you’ll want to get in the kitchen and invite friends over ASAP. Many of the recipes are basics with a twist, so you can be sure you’ll love them.

    22. Pink Cake Box This is a professional baking company’s blog, but the cute cookies and fancy cakes will inspire you and give a few ideas for decorating your sweets.

    23. Your Perfect Party Shop Ideas Whether you’re looking for something to impress guests or simple fare for entertaining family members, this blog has a recipe suited for the occasion.

    24. Spectacularly Delicious Wow your guests with these elegant recipes. The food is delicious, unexpected and always beautifully presented.

    25. The Cooking Vent Simple recipes for appetizers, starters and main courses can be found at this blog. A great entertaining and cooking blog for those throwing their first party.

    26. The Dainty Vegetarian If you aren’t familiar with the eating habits of folks you’re inviting over, it’s wise to serve a vegetarian option. This blog has fabulous recipes that will have carnivores asking to try the dish too.

    27. Hot Mess Cooking The recipes on this blog are quick, simple and surprisingly healthy. The blogger makes a point of keeping things easy to reduce the stress in prepping for a party.

    28. KC in the Kitchen This blogger makes it feel like your best friend is sharing entertaining tips with you. Fast, simple and always homemade is the motto here, making it a great blog to check out as your entertaining and cooking skills evolve.

    29. Cook Like a Champion If you love throwing a theme party, this is the blog to find food that fits the bill. From theme cupcakes to breads, there’s ideas for almost every type of food.

    30. Delectable Dining This blog no longer updates, but the wide array of recipes are perfect for choosing food for a casual get-together or more upscale dinner party.


Top Party Planning Blogs

When planning any type of party, there’s one key component to making it special – take the time to plan! It may sound simple, but these party planning blogs show you how to make the most of any special event and make the guest of honor feel like a rock star.

    31. Polka Dot Birthday This simple theme can work for everything from kid’s parties to celebrating the big 4-O! Learn about colors and how to implement polka dots for party decor.

    32. The Party Animal This blog is all about themes for kid’s birthday parties. From the latest characters kids are loving to color themes for either sex, this blog is great for party inspiration.

    33. Party Planning Mom This site no longer updates, but the blogger that once wrote it was a mom who is full of fun, clever party planning ideas. Check out the archived posts for stretching a dollar when planning your festivites.

    34. Kara’s Party Ideas This blog provides ideas for kid’s birthday parties. We love it because the ideas are chic and not the character-clad parties you’re used to seeing for a kid’s celebration.

    35. Divine Party Concepts This is a professional site, but the ideas can easily be re-created at home. The themes and decorations shown are so darn cute, you’ll be anxious to go the extra mile the next time you throw a party.

    36. Party WishesThis blog is definitely for the more seasoned party planner, but the ideas are adorable and will take your party from fun to unforgettably fantastic.

    37. Fete Fanatic Sometimes a color-themed party for adults can border cheesy. Not so with the skills of this party planner. This is a great site to visit for tips on decorating for a birthday party for an adult or teenager who thinks they’re too cool for school.

    38. Personally You Parties This amazing blog has inspiration for planning your ideal party. Ideas are pulled from around the web for decor and party favors, so be sure to check it out for simple touches that will elevate your event.

    39. Shin-Dig-It This blog sporadically updates, but the archived posts are plentiful. This is the blog to visit when you’re searching for a unique theme for an upcoming party.

    40. Setting the Mood This Indianapolis-based blog is penned by professional party planners, but the ideas for centerpieces and lighting can be re-created on a smaller scale when throwing a stellar party at home.


Entertaining and party planning should be fairly stress-free, allowing the host to enjoy the preparation for the event and the party itself. There’s no reason to get frazzled over details, just do your best to plan ahead and make guests feel comfortable. As long as people are fed and the drinks continue to flow, they’re usually pretty satisfied with the party experience, so make sure both are readily available, turn on the tunes and make guests feel at home.