Possible Career Paths With a Liberal Arts Degree

“Liberal arts” is a term used to describe a wide range of degree programs. As a first-year or prospective student, choosing a career path might seem daunting or even impossible. Let’s go over the options you have to help you go from undeclared to successful before you graduate.

Choosing a Major

As a liberal arts degree student, the factor that will open the most career doors for you is your major. You can also switch majors along the way, double major in two areas, or earn a minor, which means that you have education in a secondary area as well. Choosing a major is no easy task – so don’t feel rushed. Unless you have some kind of great passion in life that you know you want to pursue, consider instead going into college undeclared. Liberal arts programs require you to take a certain number of general courses, giving you a well-rounded basic education in history, the arts, math, science, and language. You can complete these before worrying about declaring a major, which gives you time to explore each area and determine what you like most.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Career Path

After you graduate with your liberal arts degree, the major you choose will allow you to pursue a number of career paths in your chosen field. There are three main routes you can take (or course, each branches off an infinite number of times): employee, management, or entrepreneur. For lack of a better term, employees are those who are happy completing a job within a larger company without advanced responsibilities. While salary is low in these positions, stress if also relatively low. Many jobs in this category are extremely rewarding, so don’t mistake it for being in a dead-end job in a never-ending rat race. Management, however, is a path you can take if you aspire to have a more important role in your field. You’ll start as an employee and climb the corporate ladder to earn a management position. Lastly, you can go the entrepreneurship route – starting your own business. Earning potential as a business owner is limitless, but this is the job with the most stress. Each of these career paths has pros can cons, no matter what your field.

The Best Online Liberal Arts Colleges

Purdue University – Purdue University offers an online BS in Liberal Studies. This program is designed for students who want to complete an individualized course of study. Courses include: Ethics, Statistics, Psychology, American Women, Principles of Nutrition, and Communication and Conflict. Students also take courses in Math, Social and Physical Science.
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Colorado State University – Colorado State University offers an online BS in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies. This program offers students the opportunity of engaging in courses across more than 24 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Students, with a wide range of interests, will make connections across these fields, applying knowledge to real-world problems.
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