Sewn Together by a Thread: Top 48 Tapestry Blogs

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What did people do before digital cameras or even photography? Back in the 1400’s, they used to make tapestries, a form of art using textiles woven on a wooden device called a loom. Derived from French, tapestry means “to cover with heavy fabric.” The subjects of tapestries included everything from religious works to landscapes. However, with modern art taking so many different approaches, the art of tapestry can be left out.

Using the internet itself as a means of sharing art, there are loads of tapestry artisans still out there with an entirely new way of sharing their work. To see the best of this form of art, we have gathered the top 50 tapestry blogs. They include group works, individual, and even a few entries from tapestry makers in other countries.

Top Tapestry Blogs by a Group

Two or more bloggers share their tapestry works below.

    1. Weave Geek Blog
    Stop here for the official blog of the Weave Zine. Syne Mitchell goes beyond the publication to bring you the latest thoughts on tapestries and weaving. Be sure not to miss the main site with much more.

    2. Save on Tapestries
    This is an a wall decor store specializing in wall art, canvas art, wall hanging tapestries, tapestry throws, and tapestry rods and accessories. In business since 1998, they recently opened to the public and have loads more on tapestries on the blog. Check out for how to guides, including videos.

    3. Moon Rain Centre
    This is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to integrating creativity and harmony through the creation, exhibition, and teaching of tapestry weaving and textile arts. The name Moon Rain refers to the mystical connection between the moon, weaving, and the cosmos. Get their latest works and happenings with a visit to the blog.

    4. Visual Tapestry Design
    They specialize in weaving ideas into design. Andrea Larson Schultz is the creative director and owner of Visual Tapestry Design, which specializes in all sorts of images. Check out the latest with a visit to the blog.

    5. Complex Weavers
    All weavers, including those of tapestries, are welcome in this blog. They have information on boards, reps, a bulletin board, and more. Be sure not to miss the journal and other useful resources.

    6. TWINE
    Visit here for the blog for the Tapestry Weavers in New England. They take inspiration from unicorn tapestries, Navajo rugs, and many others. Check out for the latest or links to member bogs.

    7. American Tapestry Alliance
    If you haven’t seen enough tapestries, click here. The ATA has loads of pages where artists come to share their works. Visit to learn more or add your own.

Top Tapestry Blogs by an Individual

These individuals often specialize in tapestries of their own in the below blogs.

    8. Works in Progress
    Visit here for the blog of Tommye McClure Scanlin. She is an artist, teacher, and tapestry specialist living in Georgia. The blog is a stand out for featuring tips from an actual tapestry teacher, along with many pictures, guides, and more.

    9. Tapestry Crochet
    After being inspired by the colorful tapestry crocheted shoulder bags from Guatemala, Carol Ventura was inspired to make creations of her own. She now teaches art history at Tennessee Technological University. Check out her blog to learn more about how she explores the design potential of the technique, developed a system of diagramming patterns, and created a variety of flat and three-dimensional projects.

    10. The Fine Art Tapestries of Donna Loraine Contractor
    She has been weaving tapestry for over 20 years and raising a family in the lovely Southwest. Her blog strives to show others the trials and tribulations of the creation of art out of a bunch of strings. Donna also highlights the processes of tapestry weaving and its role in the weaving of life.

    11. The Tea Shanty
    Although Liz has been a weaver for over 25 years, she only recently discovered the joy of tapestry. The blog is named after her “little shack of creativity.” Liz also includes her latest works and how they came to be.

    12. Argo Knot
    OzWeaver learned to knit from her grandmother when she was eight years old. She is now a member of the American Tapestry Alliance, Complex Weavers, Online Guild of Weavers, and others. Check out here blog to see her latest works, thoughts, and more.

    13. Laura Foster Nicholson
    She specializes in Jacquard works in addition to hand woven tapestries. She founded LFN Textiles Artists Ribbons in 2002 and has been disturbing them ever since. Her latest works are often discussed on the blog.

    14. Valerie Kirk
    In August 2009, this blogger cleared a desk at ANU Textiles and departed for six months leave from teaching to work in a studio. The goal was to develop a new body of creative work, and this blog documents the explorations and developments as a diary of progress. She also visits exhibitions and gives a pro’s opinion.

Top Foreign Tapestry Blogs

See how tapestry is done overseas in these blogs.

    15. Debbie Herd
    She is an artist living in the beautiful Grampians region of Victoria Australia. On the blog, she shares collective tapestry works as well as individual thoughts. One of the latest entries was on the many colors of one plant.

    16. Elaine Duncan
    She brings both tapestry and weaving to you from Errington, British Columbia. After working for many years on multi-harness looms, Elaine is currently choosing up-right, two harness tapestry looms as her choice of expression. Check out her latest works and thoughts with a visit to the blog.

    17. Fiona Rutherford
    Get tapestry inspirations from many different countries here. She was first inspired by the skies of India but has grown to include Japan, Australia, and others. Recent posts are on hope and her favorite things.

    18. Tapestry
    Line Dufour teaches weaving with the Toronto District School Board in the continuing education department. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and from the University of Toronto Faculty of Education. Check out her blog for quotes, inspiration, and useful tips on learning to weave.

    19. Marilyn’s Blog
    Stop here for the blog of a tapestry artist from New Zealand. She includes many images of her own work, in addition to must see photos of her native land.

    20. Meahb Warburton
    Get the double whammy of an Irish tapestry weaver living in the South of France here. In addition to what she is working on, you can get loads of other tapestry and art related thoughts on the blog. One of the latest was on the past, present, and future.

    21. Vermiro Tapestries
    Vera Hazelgrove is a tapestry designer and weaver from Adelaide, South Australia. She also enjoys knitting, crocheting, and painting. Get works in progress both inside and outside her studio with a visit.

    22. Tapestries by Tita Costa
    Get a view of Portuguese tapestries with a visit here. Tita often includes her own works which currently include peace, passages, and children.

    23. Tapestry 2008
    Although the blog is named after the year it began, there are still current entries. There are loads of posts and links pertaining to tapestry in their native Australia. You can also find exhibit information.

Top Tapestry Weaving Blogs

Tapestry and weaving combine in the below blogs.

    24. Ixchel – Tapestry Weaver
    Stop here for the blog of a weaver, designer, and lover of fiber. For over 25 years, this artist has shared their work and does so on a global scale now through blogging. The tapestry journal as video is not to be missed.

    25. Tangled Web
    Get tapestry weaving and “other stuff” with a visit to this blog. In addition to tapestries, Jan also weaves, paints, plays piano, and even gardens on a hill next to the Atlantic Ocean. A good stop for those who want to branch out of tapestries.

    26. Rebecca Mezoff
    Tapestry artist Rebecca Mezoff writes about weaving, yarn, and life in rural New Mexico here. In addition to exhibition information, you can check out her newest works. The latest was entitled “Emergence III.”

    27. Warped Art and Design
    Get weaving information and updates from Stephenie Collin here. She shows loads of her works, many from years ago that are worth noting. There are also useful tips for making your own tapestries.

    28. The Weaving Diva
    Nicki believes a tapestry cannot be rushed and takes time to come into being. If you are interested in learning how tapestries are designed, woven, and finished, this is the blog for you. She is currently writing about supplies used in tapestry.

    29. Raven Heart Tapestry Weavings
    A graduate of Washington State University, Shelley has been weaving since 1975. She hopes to share her weavings with others here. With many blog entries doing just that, subjects of works include everything from log cabins to the Jemex Mountains.

    30. Woven to a Random Rhyme
    Ringadal loves working with fiber. Works of art usually emerge as quilts, knitting, and tapestries. She recently framed a new work and writes all about it.

    31. Weaverly
    Alice Schlein has been a self taught weaver for the past 40 years. She weaves from South Carolina on a 40-shaft AVL dobby loom and a TC-1 (jacquard). She also offers books and classes for student weavers.

    32. Bhakti Ziek
    This blogger is a weaver, artist, teacher, and baker. Get entries on all of the above and more with a visit. One of the latest was on Mexican wedding cookies.

Top Other Tapestry Blogs

These tapestry blogs fall into a category of their own.

    33. Kathe Todd-Hooker
    She is a tapestry weaver, dreamer, writer, tapestry list mistress, instructor, and more. Her tapestries consist of small format work, or less than 15 square inches. One of her most recent works was a stunning sunset.

    34. Between the Warps
    Just starting out on tapestry art? So is Erica of Santa Clara, California. She chronicles her budding tapestry weaving journey, along with stories of working as a Barista and bellydancing.

    35. My Life is but a Tapestry
    K. Spoering is a weaver, designer, and wrestler of life. Check out her blog to see her latest work of art, often in tapestry form. She is also a great lover of comments and welcomes them all.

    36. Miss Mardi Nowak
    She is a part time artist, full time curator, girl about town, vodka appreciator, and general culture consumer. In addition to making great martinis, she is also a creator of tapestries. Get tips for it all with a visit to the blog.

    37. Ruth Lathlean
    She spent her time as a teacher and librarian in high schools and colleges. She is now an artist working in all sorts of mediums including stained glass, photography, painting, and tapestry weaving. Her latest work is usually the topic of blog posts.

    38. Textile Source Blog
    Because many tapestry artists work with textiles, there is this blog. It contains information on style, trends, and innovation. Categories range from apparel textile trends to Zen Zulu.

    39. The Purl Bee
    Does tapestry art sound too intimidating for you? Then check out his blog which strives to create fun and approachable projects for you to knit, crochet, sew, stich, and more. The latest was on a mini-quilt.

    40. Threads of Inspiration
    Susan Leschke uses this as a place to share textiles, art, and sprit. Many artistic ventures are shared on the blog. One of the most recent was a dual project with a friend.

    41. Sandra’s Loom Blog
    An important part of making tapestries, this blog is all about the loom. Sandra Rude is a professional weaver who specializes in complex weaves using fine threads. The blog includes loads of tips for working on a loom of your own.

    42. Loomy Tunes
    Similar to the above, this is a blog all about the loom. The Tuesday Weavers are from Tennessee and share works and knowledge here. See both group and individual works with a visit.

Top Sewing Tapestry Blogs

Another important part of tapestry making, learn more about sewing in the below blogs.

    43. About Sewing
    Debbie Colgrove started sewing when she was eight years old and took her first tailoring class at the age of thirteen. She hopes to show others how to save a fortune on home décor, clothes, and much more. Must reads of the blog include a Sewing 101 and troubleshooting with machines.

    44. Baltimore Sewing Examiner
    Wendy Kaufman has a degree in apparel design from UMCP. She has worked as a costumer and currently teaches sewing to others. However, you don’t have to live in the area to take advantage of the useful tips and thoughts found in the blog.

    45. Quilt or Stich?
    You don’t have to decide which to read about on this blog. Heather brings you both in addition to how being busy makes her happy. You can also get loads of tips for everything from which tools to use to how to finish.

    46. Anita’s Stitching
    She began stitching in 1978 and specializes in using “smalls.” Beads and ribbons are also includes in Anita’s authentic Texas works. A recent entry was on three of her new finishes.

    47. Stitches of Life
    Lelia seeks inspiration, creativity, and shares both on her blog. Quilting, sewing, and other related topics are also discussed. The latest was on roll ups.

    48. Cross Stich
    Those who know nothing about cross stitching, and even those who do, will enjoy this blog by Connie G. Barwick. She has over 30 years’ of cross stitching experience and enjoys teaching others. Check out the blog for entries such as an A to Z of free patterns and how to stitch your very first cross stitch.

More than just a carpet with pictures on it, tapestries have been around for hundreds of years, have enjoyed a rich history, an unwritten future, and loads of present entries that are worth a look. Stop by the above top 50 tapestry blogs to see the latest and even purchase or make one of your very own.